Natural cider: History of cider

To talk about cider is to talk about the Basque Country. It is undeniable that the history of cider is deeply rooted in our land, specifically and mainly in Gipuzkoa. Despite its history of highs and lows as far as cider production is concerned, the apple-growing and natural cider-making tradition is today a long-standing and booming tradition.

Cider's history in Guipúzcoa

Before cider houses existed in their current format, cider was a beverage consumed every day in the local farmhouses. A drink both to accompany food and to celebrate special occasions with family and friends. The first known written reference to an apple tree in our land dates back to the year 1014.

Today most of the cider drinking takes place in the cider houses. The abundant harvests and their excellent quality in recent years has enabled us to produce a cider of very fine quality. This is essential for a traditional cider house such as ours. We love cider and, even more, we love filling our Aduna cider house with people so that they can discover and enjoy the ‘txotx’ tradition.