The cider made at Aburuza is made with 40% native apples and 60% French apples. According to Iosu, this year the cider is "yellow, straw coloured and fruitier. The cider fermented faster than other years, and that's a good thing because it means that it's more finished by this time of year than in past years," he explains. From Tuesday to Saturday the cider house is open to the public serving the traditional menu for approximately €25.

The cider house season is already underway, and what better way to enjoy it than Aburuza in the Goiburu neighbourhood of Aduna. The establishment has a long-standing tradition, opening its doors in the 1950s, when Manuel Aburuza began to make all-natural cider at the Olatza farmhouse. The business was then passed down to his son, Juan José, and now the cider house is run by Juan José's daughter and son, Iosu.